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Like Magical
Fearless self confidence
Undeniably powerful
Mind blowing rhymes
Like the sand of time
They flow free
Running through me
Like the Mississippi
The heat
The fire
The passion
Of a poet burns deep within me
Giving me this high
This unkempt drive
To forever compose my thought into lyrical rhymes
Its an ongoing process
My mind always thinking
Breaking down
And analyzing
The things I see and hear in the world around me
Looking for the connection between it and me
Everyday redefining and
enhancing me


By expanding my mind
Searching for knowledge
That's waiting to be taught
And then passed on
Writing is as easy as breathing
You know it just comes naturally
So with each breath something inspirationally moving comes out
for you to talk about
Apply and then maybe even change what is what you thought was right
In my words I find spirituality
And let me say my faith grows deeper and deeper with each sunrise on a new day
My words flow through every pore
Out of my mouth crashing onto the paper in great uncontrollable waves
So you see my words flow through me
Like mystically lyrically
Like magical radical
Filling my soul with nothing but
Self confidence