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As a young black queen coming up in the D
Representing the eastside of the 313
The Motown
My hometown
Birthplace of R&B
Black Bottom down the street from me
We seen riots in the 70's
Still fighting for Malcolm and Martin's dream
My roots like in chains and slave names and ships at sea
Brotha Huey and the Black Panther Party
Keeping my mind tight
Remembering that it's bigger than me i
Reading up on my history I
About the journey my ancestors took
How our culture was shook
To know where I'm going I must first know where I came from
About the fire hoses burning crosses and white men in sheets
They died so I could speak freely
With out fear of going to jail or a beating
Knowing your rights your defense against being mistreated
Through my words you feel the revolutionary spirit on the inside
400 years of oppression
The scars from mastas whip still lingering
The low rumble of Negro spirituals being sung in the cotton field I'm still hearing
The strength to survive
I'm still feeling
Now they claim this is a nation
Where we are judged on skill and not race
Said we we're equal that we could play by they're rules
Keeping us content playing us for fools
My brothas with dolla signs in they're eyes
And ice in his teeth
Left lost holding a pimp cup
Chasing booty and street dreams
Not living up to their potentional fully
The will to know more is no more
Can tell you what day and time the new Jordan comes off the line
But knows nothing of the threat of affirmative action ending
And our right to choose leadership will soon be pending
Need to start waking up and paying attention
If we're not careful we will be talking about the old days back when we were "free
Knowledge cures ignorance if you're in the know, be f**king contagious"
Immortal words from a Def Poet
To survive know what's going on in your world and find peace
No the kind cold and made of steel
But the kind that Gandhi use to teach
And the next level can be reached


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