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Where's Detroit's Entertainment District?

By Adrianne Reynolds

My early days in the entertainment business were during the times of Disco. Just prior to this era, Motown relocated to California, accepted by most with feelings of uncertainty. Yet, I always knew that my hometown was and would remain recognized as the best place to find the greatest musicians and entertainers in the free world.


As I grew older and traveled, I discovered that in certain cities across these United States groups of merchants and business owners operating for profit within the same genre where physically placed within the same geographic vicinity.


Just to name a few, in New York there's the “Garment District” where you can purchase clothing from all over the world and the "Financial District" where stock exchange information is located within “Wall Street”. In California, there is the “Walk of Fame” that spans for miles surrounded by the glitz and glamour of Hollywood where miles and miles of film studios and production companies are positioned.


Now to ask the question… Where is Detroit’s Entertainment District?


My thinking is what better
place than “Detroit which was once the music capital of the world - to establish a locale offering blocks and blocks of booking agents, talent scouts, recording studios, artist development centers or anything related to entertainment and the music industry.

Think about it? It makes good sense. Here in Detroit, especially around Washington Blvd behind Woodward Avenue there's space that the city may own. Why not come together and find a way to establish this District?

I propose, we ignite the fire to bring this dream to reality. What do you think?

Please forward your suggestions, comments and questions to : 313.826.7920.

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