Artist's Name: Maya from New York

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Working For You
By Immanuel Daniels

My goal is to set up and maintain a program that will identify what all of our artists are out here doing. What a better way to continue to have successful award banquets and to have a system that truly allows each artist to be recognized for their quality of work.

With this system we will be able to say this artist had 200 shows and received the highest ratings by the owners, patrons, and staff. What criteria will be used to make these ratings? I would recommend we start at what we are here for showmanship.


If you can’t put out a good performance for your viewers how can you expect to be recognized positively anywhere?  It’s true we don’t only want to be local superstars, but if you aren’t known and respected in your own hometown how can you expect to gain a fan base anywhere else in the USA, Canada, or Europe.


Maybe you don’t want a national fan base; we all know it isn’t for everyone. However you want your career to go lets get established here and then we’ll have not only demo’s to take out of town with us but a paper trail endorsed by DMAMEA (Detroit Metro Area Musicians & Entertainers Association).    These will be like stats used by the NBA, or NFL. You can go online right now and see how many assist Chauncey Billups has for his career, or last year, this year, this week etc…


If this is a national system that works well in other areas of our lives why should we let this avenue continue to escape our innovative lifestyles? We create on a daily basis, so why not have a category for the most creative artist. Not saying that we all are not creative, but some sounds are known as a particular artist sound. If a Michael Franks song came on the radio would you or would you not know his style? How about Will Downing, Incognito, Kem, etc… I know there could have been many others on this list but I wasn’t trying to name everyone just give a few examples.


What it gets down to is let’s make our lives better. Get awareness about how hot you really are to a wider group of people, more than just family and friends. They already know how good you are its time to share that talent you have with all of us.


Keep it professional, entertaining, and original. These all sound like possible criteria on our performance survey. We will get you out a copy of the performance survey in an upcoming issue of our fine magazine.


Thanks for supporting us as we grow and help you. 


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