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17000 Block:

The Interview with Al Nuke

By Immanuel Daniels

During the last edition of the DETROIT ENTERTAINERS & MUSICIANS NEWS, I wrote about I.T. the producer of the movie “The Other Side of Eight Mile”. The Other Side of Eight Mile could not be previewed (in this writers opinion), because, IT tried to have it’s movie premier on the other side of Eight mile in Southfield, Michigan.

This Movie, 17000 Block, was previewed by a large audience which consisted of members of the Mayor’s staff, Radio stations, DC (Detroit Connection), many other artist and of course myself. It was held at Icon, which was ready to entertain all of the on lookers with 8 screens showing 17000 Block. As I watched the movie for the second time, I really noticed all the different elements of the feature. I’m not a movie critic, so maybe I didn’t see everything the first time. The first time I saw the movie, I was impressed by the realism and the acting ability of the actors in the movie. I’ve seen other local artist movies and they looked to be hmmm….local. This one was very professional and polished. Score one for Detroit, even Master P’s first movie wasn’t this polished.

Al Nuke and Cosa Nostra Films with Bigg Bizz Entertainment have made a hit. So, I wanted to interview Al Nuke and some of the co-stars of the movie and glad to report that Al Nuke had an open door policy. He allowed me to come into his studio without any notice and see the entire music making process. He also gave me the opportunity to preview a future episode of his T.V. Show, Nuke @ Nite, which airs on Comcast Channel 71.

In this movie Nuke played the character of Buck. He was put to test from the start of the movie. He didn’t seem to be the type to get into the things he got into but nevertheless he did. His God father was really a character that had the whole audience fooled. I don’t want to give away any of the movie, but the plot was very thick. You should go out and purchase this movie and add it to your movie collection.

ID: When I saw the movie I was impressed with the look and feel of it. How long did it take for you to make it

AN: 2 ½ years making the film plus another year finding distribution. I also had to go to the different film festivals to create some buzz. The ABFF and Sundance gave me the necessary exposure to get the results I was working hard to get.

ID: Your character Buck seemed to be a cool guy put in some bad places. What made your portrayal of Buck so realistic?

AN: First I’d like to say I didn’t want or plan on playing Buck. The original actor who was slated to be Buck backed out of the role a week before we started shooting. I tried to get someone else to play the role but honestly it’s a lot to learn in a week’s time. So I reluctantly put myself in the role and let my drive and determination push me to make Buck who I pictured him to be. If I wouldn’t have done this the movie would have been pushed back and possibly not done.

ID: I know in “96” you released your first Solo Album, Lifestyles of the Rich & Infamous. What made you interested in doing movies?

AN: A friend of mine, Harry Davis, was doing a film “Gangstress” and I was just blown away with all the work that went into making a movie. He was my influence to get into film. If you’ve seen that movie you might see me in it. I was in it for a brief moment. This movie led to me doing my first movie “Street Life”.

ID: Everyone has had in there childhood an epiphany of what they would like to do.
What grade were you in when you started rapping?

AN: I was in the 3rd grade when I first started rapping. If I knew then what I know now; I would’ve gone straight to films.

ID: Sounds like you are really passionate about making movies. What was your focus for this movie?
AN: I wanted to do a hood film but not like the average hood movie. I wanted people to see that all the people from the hood aren’t bad. Sometimes we are just put in bad predicaments and have to survive.

ID: It appears that you did get your point across. This movie was a no non-sense film. However in the Bonus material you were in rare comedic form as you let the ladies into the auditions. What’s next on the plate for Al Nuke?

AN: Next I will complete my album which will be out in August 2007 check out the hit single “My Hands”. After that I will complete my next film “90 Days” which will be a comedy. Check out my TV Show Nuke @ Nite for casting information and details. You can also check me out on the net at www.myspace.com/alnuke.

ID: Thanks Al Nuke for the opportunity to interview you, is there anything special you’d
like to say before we get out of here?

AN: I’d like to say thanks to all those who put there hand in on making 17000 Block a success. My co-stars Theo Williamson (Red), Darius Thomas (Eddie), Chris Stewart (Lock); just to name a few. I’d also like to say thanks to all who have supported in all I’ve done. Thanks and much love to all my fans, I’ll continue to make good music and good films for you all.

In conclusion, I’d like to thank Al Nuke again for this great interview. We went on to many topics that I wasn’t able to include in this interview but I hope to be able to do future interviews with some of the great people he spoke of. Keith Ferguson, I’m looking forward to our interview. Al Nuke spoke highly of your work and all of the knowledge that you have shared with him.

If you are an artist of any sort, you know how important it is to have support. Therefore, I recommend that we all support one another. If we can’t support each other how do we expect anyone else to support us on a national stage? If you have any questions or comments please feel free to email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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