Artist's Name: Maya from New York

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Chrissy Morgan, Vocalist & Actress

: 2016 Detroit Music Awards Artist to Artist Red Carpet Hostess

A singer, songwriter and vocal instructor has worked as a musician within the metro Detroit area for over two decades.  She’s featured as a background vocalist on over twenty different recordings including R&B, Jazz, Gospel, Country, Alternative, Classical & Rock.  Chrissy has performed during the SXSW Music Festival, toured on the east coast, and featured on several local and national radio/television shows.  With several artist to artist interviews on the red carpet under her belt, Chrissy, also has, four prior musical nominations within multiple categories for Detroit Music Awards.


DMA 2012 Red Carpet Interview with Artist Host: Deekah Wyatt:

Click on:  http://detroitemnews.com/index.php/multimedia/video-library/viewvideo/37/2012-detroit-music-awards/part6-chrissy-morgan-demetrius-nabors-eliza-neals-the-infactuations


DMA 2013 Red Carpet Interview with Artist Host:  Pato Margetic



DMA 2015 Red Carpet Interview with Artist Host: Miyan Bryant

Click on:  http://detroitemnews.com/index.php/multimedia/video-library/viewvideo/201/2015-detroit-music-awards/2015-detroit-music-awards-interviews-pt-2




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