Artist's Name: Maya from New York

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Miyan Bryant, Vocalist

MIYAN's a  songstress and entertainer  who has remained relevant for years.  Her musical style reminds one of the uptempo influential pop bands from back in the day, "Ace of Base" and "La Bouche."   Miyan offers a sultry blend of high falsetto creating her vocal trademark  while fulfilling empty voids with her originals and renditions of songs.   Dance floors all around the country are jamming to her high powered CD entitled, “Set Me Free.” The Hot House Clubs and R&B tracks on her CD make MIYAN as important of a singer as Kylie Minogue, Rihanna, Beyonce, Fergi and Adele. Other notable tracks by MIYAN include “Diamonds,” “You Keep Me Hanging On,” “Don’t Cry” and “Silver Shadows” Miyan's signature song.  


Click Miyan's photo above & listen to:  "Silver Shadows"  





The 2015 Detroit Music Awards -

Red Carpet Artsit-to-Artist Interviews

Presented by:  Detroit Entertainers & Musicians News

Hosted by:  MIYAN. 




In 2008, the inaugural Detroit Entertainers & Musicians News red carpet artist-to-artist interviews  was held  during the annual Detroit Music Awards.  Miyan Bryant was the first artist reporter/ interviewer on the red carpet to host interviews.  Celebrate, seven years, as we welcome back on the red carpet Miyan who will host for us again!   


We extend an invitation to the DMA  WINNERS & NOMINEES to capture an upclose 2-3 minute video interview to honor your artistic achievements.  And, in the interim, welcome MIYAN back on the red carpet, Friday, April 10 between 6p-9p on the BALCONY inside the FILLMORE-DETROIT, a LIVE Nation venue.  


Click HERE: View Miyan (On the red carpet) - DMA 2008

Click HERE:  View Photos -  DMA 2008



In 2008, Miyan performed as an artist reporter for Detroit EM News and interviewed one of Detroit's funk master's "Amp Fiddler."    Click to view:  http://www.detroitemnews.com/index.php/multimedia/video-library/viewvideo/101/other/detroit-artist-amp-fiddler





Want more MIYAN? 

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