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A social "educational" enterprise

(Est. 2010)


Detroit EM News, L3C LLC,  a mission-based business designed and qualified to be an L3C under the amended LLC status H.R. 1445 of the State of Michigan abiding by IRS Code 170c following the same rules as a 501c(3). Detroit EM News, L3C operate with an essential   second component,  an online news publication,  DETROIT ENTERTAINERS & MUSICIANS NEWS. The publication was created as a tool to promote social wellness, demonstrate the school time abilities of youth while branding and marketing private and public environments to achieve sustainability  In so doing, we further the educational and charitable purposes of foundations, non profits, philanthropic investments and society, at large. 


From our inception in 2007,  Detroit Entertainers & Musicians News was created as one of the first online (e-zine) and print publications in the nation.  Since 2015, the print version has been suspended.  It was developed as a tool to further the educational and charitable purposes of foundations, non-profits and philanthropic investors.  


Our efforts challenge students to perform as professionals and produce a work to qualify and receive  a hourly wage or socially responsible and/ or socially accountable scholarship(s). Our organization operates as a membership based business  utilizing the tranche (3-tier) structure to achieve our goals.   Those goals include heightening awareness  of transparency at school, home and work with our mentors  who transfer declarative, procedural knowledge and interpersonal skills across multi disciplines including the fine and performing arts, computer mediated communications and publishing technologies.  


What We Do:

We  demonstrate acquired school time skill sets of high school students attending Detroit Public Schools Community District  while reporting good news  and information recognized as meaning making news  


Want to learn more?

Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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